Tax, Business, And Retirement Planning

I feel that one of my key competencies is tax planning and tax forecasting. I enjoy working with individuals and small businesses to create an effective tax-management strategy that allows you to plan ahead for your financial future. If requested, I will work with you to define your objectives and review tax strategies to accomplish those objectives. If requested, I will work to provide tax forecasting and mid-year tax planning, so you know what your tax picture looks like now, and in the future.

My tax planning services are for you if:

• You have experienced a death in the family

• You have recently inherited money or property

• You want to either setup or fine tune a retirement plan

• You plan to purchase or sell property

• You are considering large expenses in your business future

• You are planning to get married

• You are planning to start, acquire, or sell a business

What does working with me look like? Every person and small business is unique. We will meet so I can understand your areas of concern, and your overall tax and financial picture. This first visit can be anywhere you’d like: my office, your office, or anywhere that works for both of our calendars! I’ll follow up by email or phone with any additional questions that come up. I remain available to you throughout the year for any question you may have.

Throughout the year I will send newsletters and at year's end, a tax organizer document to help you prepare for the coming tax season.

What do I charge for my services?

In addition to my hourly rates, my tax return preparation pricing is based on the type of forms that your situation requires, and is on par with national franchises like H & R Block and Jackson-Hewitt. For more information on pricing, check out my pricing page.

How do I get started?
Give me a call at (503) 780-4143 or email me at We will set up an initial meeting, and go from there!