Tax Services For Individuals And Couples

If you are looking for an expert to prepare your tax returns, or plan your next steps, then you’ve come to the right place.

With my help, your tax situation will be made as simple as possible.

I offer year-round advisement services to project tax impact, determine estimated payments, and help to respond to tax authorities. I’ll also share ways to make things easier each year and minimize the tax you pay.

My tax services are for you if:

• You have not filed your returns
• You have received a notice from the IRS or the state
• There is a change in your financial situation, such as an inheritance or a lawsuit
• You are changing careers or starting a business
• Your child is graduating from college or about to go to college
• You have recently sold a piece of property or stock
• You are purchasing a rental property
• You are getting married or divorced

What does working with me look like?

Every person, and every situation, is unique. We will have an initial meeting to discuss your situation. This first visit can be anywhere you’d like: my office, your office, or a place and time that works for both of our calendars!

I’ll follow up by email or phone with any additional questions that come up and we will work together to resolve your issue or file your returns.

I remain available to you throughout the year. I also will send you a newsletter toward the end of the year and a tax organizer document to help you prepare for the coming tax season.

What do I charge for my services?

In addition to my hourly rates, my tax return preparation pricing is based on the type of forms that your situation requires, and is on par with national franchises like H & R Block and Jackson-Hewitt. For more information on pricing, check out my pricing page.

How do I get started?

Give me a call at (503) 780-4143 or email me at We will set up an initial meeting, and go from there!